Rebel Muse Edition with Alex Dapa

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Alex Dapa is living his own truth having a clothing brand that meets the reality of adulting in a graphical sense. On his Instagram bio reads, “Don’t grow up, it’s a lie” tells the meaning of his brand. With a line of clothing Alex he has graphic tees, beanies, and stickers that vibes of using surreal feeling of not wanting to grow up. His line is called adultin sucks and going to be launched this March. My first encounter with Alex was straight away you can say we were on the same vibes/ page of wanting to create something fashionable together but with grit to add his modeling portfolio. He has a sense of style and is in a different head space to his next adventure moving to purse his career goals. Now Alex is on his way to New York to conquer the modeling world on his own terms. If asked what is his life's motto he said in an interview with me, “I have 2 mottos. Fake it until you make it and smile no matter what’s going on in your life.” He knows things won’t go his way all the time, but also said, “There’s no need to dwell over that. You might have a bad day tomorrow, but it’s up to you to turn that day into a better day.”

When asked about his passions and where his brand stems from he said that, “adultin sucks, it’s pretty much in the name. Also means from the outside in, not judging what you see on the outside but what’s on the inside of the person. Their personality and heart.” He admits that when he was growing up life was tough, but it got easier. From his life he said, “Something I figured out at the age of 15. That’s how the name came to be. Not quite sure what makes my brand stands out, but to me it’s a little family to connect/bring us closer together.” The merchandise that Alex sells are street fashion clothing, but states that he is looking to start doing high fashion type clothings in the future. This all depends on how well his line sells. At the moment his favorite clothing from his line “The Lost Art of Silence” shirt. And how he came up this is he said, “The idea popped in my head and I sketched it on my iPad, then put it on a shirt within the next hour. Since I’ve previewed it on my Instagram story, I wasn’t sure how people would like it.” From that one action people have been reaching out to him. Alex’s excitement on this he said, “But so far many have been reaching out to me to get their hands on it, which makes me happy and more confident about my craft.”

Alex is just not a designer, but a model first when I first met him through Instagram. There are times where I would get DMs about me working with new models. I have always wondered how my clients find me, but in this edition of Rebel Muse I found out how this inspiring model became to be. At age 14 Alex he realized that he wanted to be a model because of a Christmas gift from his dad who gave him an iPad that only had a front camera. He said, “I think it was the 5th or 6th generation iPad. I used to open up the camera app every night and record myself talking, I don’t know why but I did.” When I ask about what was the most memorable moment of us working with each other Alex said, “Definitely when we worked on my portfolio. Got lots of random love from strangers just watching. Like when we shot in front of the cafe and the ladies in were hyping me up.”

Now that Alex is moving forward with his career in modeling and having to find his mother agent through his hair dresser who is an actress. He said, “Every time I went to her to get my hair braided we’d talk about how things are going. I mentioned to her that I’m still going to auditions to try and get signed by agencies, but nothing was going my way.” Alex’s hair dresser had mentioned her friend had an uncle who was a mother agent. He added, “At the time I had no idea what a mother agent was. Fast forward my next appointment with me and we had the same talk, this time I asked her to reach out to him for me since i didn’t know him.” She gave Alex his Instagram handle so that he could follow him. From that he said, “I followed and dm him a little paragraph about myself. He replied back by asking how I found him. Awkward/bad starting. So I had to explain to him what was going on and who referred me to him. Long story short, I got left on seen for a week or so. Then he reached out to me asking for my digitals and portfolio." And that’s how Alex met his mother agent. For those who don’t know what a model agent does and what it means it is someone you work with you one on one that helps to get you signed to an agency and overseas that you are happy with that agency. They are as well help you get your career started in modeling in building the right portfolio photos. When Alex told me about his success he told me the photos he needed and we accomplished that. I’m glad to have crossed path with him and to see what is to come. I’m excited to see as Alex moves to New York. The one last question I like to ask my Rebel Muses is what excites them so since it is all about his next journey when asked what excites him about New York he said, “The architect. Love, love, love the architect. Also love being in the city. There’s more opportunities in a bigger city than there is living in a small town. Especially for someone like me. Many people I could meet that I could network/work with for my brand and modeling.”

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