How to come up with a shoot concept

There are plenty of ways to come up with a concept for a shoot. My first place to look is Pinterest. This platform gives you a array of ideas to start with. Just type in a few words like if you want to do a nature shoot. Type in nature shoots and all sorts of photos shows up. From there you can narrow it down to the type of photo you are looking at. Then lets say you like the flower shots in nature. Write in the search portion "flower field shoot" then start saving them in a board, so that later you can create a mood board/ collage board.


Create a Pinterest board from all the photos you like and name it flower field shoot. You want to choose photos that you feel that is the look and feel you want to accomplish. Like lets say you want close up photos you choose photos that will show a model holding flowers or maybe a close up of the model's face is lying down in field of flowers.

I'll show you how I came up with mine from my phone below. Then you select the ones you like and create a collage with an app called piczoo.

Here is one example of my own collage for a beach session I had recently.


The end results for this shoot:

Photos by Lei Phillips

Model Emm Wiseman

Here’s how to do it:

1. Use Pinterest to find photos

2. Create board on Pinterest and name it

3. Select the images you would like to make into a collage/ mood board

4. Share this to your photographer or model as a point of reference, but still try to be as creative as possible to make it into your idea.

apps used: piczoo, pinterest

There you have it and now you are ready to make your shoot more clearer for yourself and the photographer.

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