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How it started vs How its going

Recently I have been working on some more creative projects and I want to share a few of those shoots I did that had a concept element to them. A more concept shoot should tell a story with the clothes, location, and model. My favorite part is the planning of everything. I’m a visual person so I use photo references from Instagram to Pinterest to create a mood board.

How it started

How it's going:

In these shots I made sure to tell the model to stand by the mirror in a way to capture her standing or close up to get her face in the mirror. Then from there we took some other photos that took on to another level of more shots on the beach. I had Allison stand on the rocks to give a different mood and feel from the mirror photos.

As we shot more I used a foldable stool to have her sit down along the beach as the water comes rushing on to us. Even as our light was going down I knew I had to make the best of the light and later in post get more creative. I decided to add more grain and have black and white photos to add a different element to them.

For every shoot you can have a vision of what you want it look like and it flourishes into something more than what you expected. How did you think we did with this shoot?

Photo credits:

Model @allienicoleholton

Mua @maquillagebykarenn

Photo by @leiphillips

Photos used for mood board from Pinterest

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